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Finally Senior food
5.0 of 5 stars
Merrick is my go to dog food. Was feeding lil plates Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe. But she is 9 yrs old and was hoping You would put out a Senior food. Took awhile for the store to get it. She loves it. The transition was easy for her and I think she likes it better than the regular food. Thanks Merrick! I'm also glad it is in small kibble bites.

Amazing Quality !!
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We brought home our Marley Mae yesterday from the breeders. They sent us home with a bag of some odd smelling food. I was told to use it and transition her onto the food I bought slowly. I first put down their food and Marley sniffed it and walked away. I then opened the bag of Merrick and mixed it half and half. She came over and just went to town! Needless to say I tossed the other kibble they gave us out for the raccoons. She loves it!! I can't wait and see how this helps her grow. I have total faith and confidence that I made the right decision after much research and thought. She also went crazy for the Merricks Power Bites!

Saved our cat!!
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Had our cat to the vet several times due to projectile vomiting, what sounded like congestion and weight loss. After $$$ (thousands) the vet was only able to tell me what it wasn't. The next step would have been exploratory surgery which would have been several thousand$$ more!!!! I am not a vet but our cat is 9 and I was convinced he had developed food allergies. I did some research and then went to the pet store and talked to a clerk--she was very
helpful. I decided to go with the Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Real Chicken Recipe (fish free). Our cat loves it as do our other two and best of all--no more vomiting, coughing or congestion. THANK YOU!!!

5.0 of 5 stars
We have a 5 month Olde English Bulldogge. We started off feeding him the Grain Free Chicken & Sweet Potato recipe and he LOVED it! We then switched to the Backcountry Grain Free Raw Infused puppy recipe and he loved it even more. He has a nice shiny coat and has filled out very nicely! He never has gas and we didn't experience any diarrhea. This was the best decision our family made. The food is a bit pricey but honestly it's well worth it. We tried a less expensive (but good quality) brand to try to save $$ but it ended up giving him bad gas and he wasn't as excited to eat. Since we've switched back he's happy every time its meal time! We also use the Merrick Powerbites and he loves those too! Training is almost a breeze because he knows he's getting a good treat lol

My puppy goes nuts for this food!
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I had tried my golden retriever puppy on a number of puppy foods because no matter what food he was on, he could not regulate his stools. He was going about 11 times a day. But one day I decided to try Merrick and he is doing great! He has a lot more energy as well. Couldn't be happier with this purchase.

I feel pretty good about this cat food!
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I recently switched to Merrick after a terrible episode with the Pet Valu Grain Free Performatrin brand. My 2 cats had been eating it for over a year when suddenly they became violently ill, one even required an overnight stay at the vet, costing us over $1000.00! Anyways, long story short, the pet food industry is not regulated, watch "Pet Fooled" on Netflix, and after the incident with the Pet Valu brand we needed to find something with good ingredients for our cats. Unfortunately we are vegan at our home so as much as we know our cats should be eating a raw diet, it's just too difficult to make that a reality for them right now, so Merrick Backcountry is an amazing middle ground for us right now. When you open the bag it smells like real food which is what our cats need to eat right! Since switching them to Merrick we have had no problems and the cats love it! We feed them the dry food in the morning and a full can of wet food for dinner.

Caramel Coloring?
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Why does this food have caramel coloring? It is not a good ingredient for dogs. There are many better canned food brands that have better ingredients. Merrick is great but I expect 100% quality ingredients when I pay a higher price.

My dog did seem to enjoy this food. He does prefer the backcountry recipes though. We have bought a lot of Merrick products but I am switching to another brand after a few months. I love the recipes and flavors but I don't want to have to check every ingredient when I choose a brand.

Best food you can find
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The only food I will give Golden Bear. Make the right choice for your dog.

Good Ingredients but Caused Seizures for my Dog
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Fed this dog food last year and my dog started having seizures, went to vet several times and did research. Found out rosemary extract can act like a neurotoxin to dogs, got off this food and have not had a seizure in almost a year.

My Review for Grain Free Real Texas Beef + Sweet P
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For the first time in 4 1/2 years my dog who has Cloisters
has now now healthy poops due to Merrick!

5.0 of 5 stars
My dog LOVES Wingaling. She is 15 and nobody guesses her age as she has been eating Merrick for years and is spry and fit. She has never suffered from eating the extremely softened bones and typically there are plenty of those little wingettes to last through the entire duration of the can. My dog is a Pom, so one can lasts her through 4~5 meals. This last can I bought had only ONE wing in it! Is there something you can do to compensate me? I have the receipt. Thank you! Lisa Moore

Miracle!! in a bag
5.0 of 5 stars
Well I never write up to a company but yours deserves.

I have 3 cats, one of them has digestive problems since she turns 1 year old (she is 7 y now) our vet try different treatments, tests, brand food, grain free, raw diets, for the pass years and nothing worked.
Until a friend recommended Merrick limited ingredients diet grain free.

Well your food made the miracle!! My cat isn't vomiting anymore she is happy, in good mood all the time. She gain weight, her hair looks shiny. Now we add wet can food and she love it!! Thanks!! really appreciate your food and definitely I will recommend to others.

Dogs love this Recipe!
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My dog is very picky with food, and he absolutely loves this! So happy to find good nutritional dog food for my dog.

Kitten loves it!
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I started feeding my kitten Acana which she loved but didnt agree with her stomach. I switched her to Merrick Kitten Purrfect Bistro and we were both sold right away! Her tummy agreeded really well with this food and she devours it. Within a week her furr started glowing and was extremely soft!! I cant recommend this food enough!!!

Puppy heaven
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Our black Lab has had problems with soft stools since we brought him home at 6 weeks old. We've tried both Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild, which neither his stomach agreed with or he cared to gobble up. We also have a shepherd mix and it really helped her dry coat since we rescued her. They are 9 and 7 months...happily enjoying Merrick's Puppy Formula. Thanks for providing natural, healthy foods for our dogs!

5.0 of 5 stars
I am convinced I have the pickiest eater EVER. Our sweet 13 week old Golden Retriever, Emma, is happy, playful, energetic, etc but has no interest in food whatsoever. I've went through Blue Buffalo, Purina One, Iams, and Nutro brands of puppy food and she was not interested in any (I even tried wet food in those brands). She would sniff the bowl and walk away (if it were the dry food) and if it were the wet food, she'd eat one or two bites (not an exaggeration) then walk away. I had to plead with her to eat out of my hand and it was a 45 minute process every meal time. UNTIL I tried Merrick Backcountry Raw-Infused puppy and SHE ACTUALLY DEVOURED IT FROM HER BOWL IN MINUTES WITH NO HELP FROM ME. I I don't know how you do it, Merrick, but keep it up. I'm sold on this food and so is Emma.

My boy loves this food
5.0 of 5 stars
I have been feeding my little man Merrick for five years and he loves it. This flavor especially he seems to really enjoy! I usually buy a different flavor each time he needs new food, but have picked this one up twice in a row. He's not tired of it at all.

My dog loves it!
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I use to buy the Purina ProPlan Bright Minds small breed formula for my senior dog (9 years) based on my vet's recommendation, and it was a decent product. My dog didn't turn her nose up at it, but it might take her the whole day to eat her food and she would sometimes opt to sneak food from one of the other dogs bowls instead of eating hers. My main concerns for my dog are that she is a) a bit of a chunky monkey, b) is beginning to develop arthritis, and c) has lost some of her front teeth... so when I look for dog food I want to make sure it is going to have the right nutrients to support a healthier weight and joints and that the kibble won't be too difficult for her to chew.

I honestly feel like I hit the jackpot with this stuff! The kibble is very small and round (as opposed to some brands than form it in triangular shapes that I worry poke her gums), it has lower calories and is formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin for the arthiritis in her hips. And on top of that, I can barely get the food in the bowl before she is clamoring to get her face in there and start chowing down! I know I probably sound like a commercial right now, but my Eve is the closest thing I have to a kid in my life right now... so to see her happy and healthy makes me very happy!

Great food!
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Our dogs really like all of the Merrick foods. The poultry free and grain free have helped our dogs stomach troubles almost entirely.

Dog eats it, but still has skin and ear problems
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Got this thinking it would help with itchy skin and terrible ears for my 5 yr old rescue GSD. Even went to the vet and got some new meds for the ears. Sleared up for a week, then this happened again. Going to try the limited ing salmon.