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Great Dog Food
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Been using Merrick with other dog and it made a big difference. We upgraded from Merrick puppy to Backcountry and our loves it and beautiful coat and lots of energy...

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I have a picky mountain dog eater. After a couple of months encouraging my dog to eat his normal, locally made kibble, I decided to give this a try. Hobbes gobbled this kibble up for multiple meals now. It appears to have as much of the nutrients needed as the large breed food. I'm not quite sure as to why but I think we will continue with what we know. P.S. Pet Supplies Plus does not carry the large breed kibble in our neighborhood.

Not enough "RAW Pieces"
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I have gotten 4 bags of the Back County with "freeze-dried raw protein pieces". I am very disappointed with the amount of and inconsistency of the number of raw pieces, though. The first bag was what I assumed was normal. The second bag only had 4 pieces in it. The third bag had a ton of it and the last bag has only a couple pieces of the Raw protein. It just seems like there would be the same amount in each bag.
Beaverton, OR
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Amazing difference
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I have a 5lb teacup yorkie who has seizures. After multiple tests we were at a lost of the cause because all his tests were normal. Even with medication he was continuing to have them after a ton of research of ingredients in dog food I decided to switch him to Merrick. Red dye is known to cause allergic reactions in small breeds. We have been seizure free for 16 weeks and have reduced his medicine. I would have to beg him to eat and he runs around in circles while I'm filling his bowl and eats without me feeding him. I switched our other dog as well and he is so much more active. I am so thankful to have found this food and it has made a huge difference in the health of my dogs. The only problem is there isn't very many places around me that carry it.

Great dry grain free kibble
5.0 of 5 stars
I bought this dog food about 16 weeks ago and I have already ordered 5 25lb bags. I have an 80 lb GSD and a rescue dog from Texas. They litterally argue over who has more in their bowl. I give the them the same size bowl and amount. They want each other’s. It’s almost comical. ❤️❤️❤️

Makes Your Dog Throw Up :(
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Simple and easy concept for good breath, but it upset my dog's stomach. She has never had a problem or bad reaction to any food or treats that we have given her until now. This is too sensitive to her stomach and made her throw up twice, poor thing!

Love Pacific Catch
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I work in a specialty pet food store so I’m exposed to dozens of different brands/recipes of dog food. I tried the Pacific Catch because my dog is double coated and sheds a lot and even blows coat. The fish formula is great for his skin and coat. He loves the freeze-dried bits as variety in the bowl. And for a fish formula it is very low odor. I recommend this food to my customers and am proud and pleased to serve it to my fur baby, Dakota

The best puppy food out there
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My little Mellie littermates & herself got worms at 6 weeks. They were put on orijen but they were still all underweight at 8 weeks. When I went out puppyfoodshoppung I came accross Merricks back country raw infused grain free puppy food and loved the ingreadents.and the high protien and somewhat high level of fat.
Mellie is an Sled dog/lab mix and I knew if she didn’t have a good amount of fat in her diet that she would never keep a pound on with how highly active she is.
She was 8 pounds at 8 weeks when she should have been around 14. At 17 weeks she is almost 30 pounds. And it is all healthy weight she has gained. She also can not get enough of her food either she spins in circles as I get ready to feed her. I would reccomend this to anyone who wants an in shape healthy puppy.
The first two pictures are Mellie at 8 weeks.
The last two pictures are Mellie at 16 weeks.

Poor quality control
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I've been purchasing this for several years and for about the past six months there has been a quality control issue. I buy this by the case and in a typical case about half the cans contain mostly broth. This food is almost $3.00 a can and it's high quality food but when half the cans are mostly broth it takes too many cans to make an actual meal for my dog and it's too expensive to have to give my dog 4-5 cans a day due to half the cans being mostly broth. Also, sometimes the chicken is a decent size piece and other times it's so small it's hardly noticeable.
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1 week ago
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Great dog treats!
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I got a free sample originally from the Petco Grooming Salon. I brought it home and gave it to my dog. He loved it so much he even licked the inside of the wrapper. It made his breath smell great at least for a while. Now I have three bags and he is always so happy to get them. I love Merrick brand so I trusted this treat and I was not disappointed. I love having a safe treat with good ingredients.

Best treats ever!
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My dogs will perform every trick they know when they see me reach for the bag of these. It’s extremely useful as a reward for more difficult things to train like come! I have two beagles and they live life nose to the ground, but these can get them to stop tracking squirrels and the other wildlife we have in our yard. I’m never without these treats.

We love this product!
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Switched our 4 month old puppy to Grain Free Real Texas Beef + Sweet Potato a couple of weeks ago after experiencing several bouts of diarrhea. Our puppy's tummy issues appear to have cleared up completely, and her stools have become normal. We are thrilled with this food!

We do like it!
4.0 of 5 stars
Bought it a few weeks ago though I find he is consuming more of it then of the wild back country blends to be satisfied, maybe we should go back to more exotic wild blends. Ruger my 80lb 18 month old GSD. I eat local sourced raw, my best friends my butcher from Local Provisions in Laconia NH.

Dogs love it!
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My two Chihuahua's Love this dog food. I only wish the pieces were a little larger as they just lap it up and swallow. No chewing at all. I like that it contains all the right ingredients.

Thanksgiving Day Dinner (Cat) Underweight Cans
3.0 of 5 stars
I've used Merrick dog and cat foods for almost 2 years now. Normally there are no problems, and my pets love the food.  I bought 2 5.5 oz cans of Thanksgiving Day Dinner (cat) on Tuesday. As I was dividing them onto 5 plates, I weighed the portions to ensure everyone got the same amount. Normally, with the Purrfect Bistro Chicken 5.5 oz cans, that's 2.2 oz per plate, with a few bits left over. That didn't happen today. There was barely enough to put 1.5 oz on each plate! I realize that there may occasionally be production variances, but come on! For your benefit, here's the math: 2 - 5.5 oz cans = 11 oz; divided by 5 is 2.2 oz per plate. 1.5 oz over 5 plates is only 7.5 oz of food. 11oz - 7.5oz= 3.5oz! The 2 cans were 3.5 oz short of food! Please do whatever can be done to correct this in the future.
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2 weeks ago
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5.0 of 5 stars
We worry about his teeth - he is 11 years old - a Nove Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - and so far his teeth have been fine but lately have seemed to get yellow with tartar and the Fresh Kisses have solved that! I no longer have to brush his teeth every three days - I now only have to brush his teeth once a week! All thanks to Merrick Fresh Kisses and Merrick Brush Bones

5.0 of 5 stars
Odin, my Norwegian Elkhound loves this food! Also, I am extremely pleased with the ingredients. Merrick is the only brand I purchase for my sweetie.

My dogs love their Merrick
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We feed our dogs the grain free dry and wet food. They love it and thank us loudly when they hear the words breakfast or dinner.

A difference you can SEE!!
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We recently switched dog food when we got our new rescue dog. We use Duck and Sweet Potatoe, grain free recipe. We have a 2.5 year old Boxer and a 2 year old Min Pin/Chihuahua mix. When we got our rescue, she had runny eyes and was very itchy. After 1 month of Merrick Grain Free food, she is noticeably less itchy and no more runny eyes!! These girls LOVE LOVE LOVE the Duck recipe! Both of them have beautiful coats and are very healthy. I’m so glad we decided to give Merrick a chance!! You should too!!!

WIN! WIN! WIN! Hes happy & Healthy & I'm happy too
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My dogs love the taste, Their coats are shiny and healthy. The first ingredients listed are real good food to feed our pets. A pet food that ranks in the top ten yet costs less enabling all of us to feed our dogs healthy!