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Just purchased this and am very disappointed to read the ingredients and see Garlic.
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Thank you for your recent review. The amount used in our canned Canine formulas is very small. In fact a dog would have to eat more than 150 large cans per day for a week to reach any level that may be a concern, or eat about 50 cloves of garlic in a sitting to become toxic. From an overall health perspective, garlic has proven antioxidant/anticancer activity at low levels, and improves glucose tolerance. Garlic has also been recommended by holistic vets for decades as small amounts help aide as a natural flea repellant, have antifungal and antibacterial properties, help promote production of white blood cells, aids in digestion, and is a natural treatment for countless other ailments.

Fresh Kisses
5.0 of 5 stars
I just received these today, for my two fur babies. They were so excited, they tried to smell them through the bag. The first dog just gobbled it up. My second dog was so excited, she played with it first, then gobbled it up. They really liked this new treat!

Excellent Purchase Decision
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I purchased the small bag, to give it a try. My Cane Corso Mastiff is 3 1/2yrs old, weighs over 100lbs. I received him 10 mo ago, as a Disability Service Dog for myself. Well, He's had some health issues, such as Digestion, Allergies & Heart. He sees a cardiologist regularly, we have that part under control, so far. God Bless. I've found that chicken & potatoes are a Big No to his Diet. After many Attempts & Fails his Last food was Nutro lamb & rice. That still wasn't working out, his poo was still loose like cow patties, lol. I'll let you know when he started eating Merrick Classic Real Lamb & Green Peas Recipe He Loved It & His POO is NORMAL That Happened on the 3rd day! I couldn't Transition him like it recommended , because, lol, I ran out of the Nutro on the 2nd day. It's on repeat delivery service see & wasn't here. All & All I'd Recommend Merrick Dog Food to Everyone! One more thing, the kibbles are Very Tiny! That's What I don't like about it. My dog sometimes will Choke when eating them, if he walks around while eating, they drop out of his jaws everywhere. Lol. That's a Mess. Wish this came in LG Breed Kibbles.

Amazing switch
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I changed to this food about 4 months ago and could not be more pleased!! I had been trying to find an all natural small dog food with real protein as the first ingredients and that is grain free. Since my dog has switched to this food she has more energy, her coat is better. She is definitely back to her puppy self, and she is 9 now. I was debating between the beef and lamb, and had her sniff both bags and she chose the lamb haha. Only thing is, she has a lot more flatulence and it smells bad!! But I will take her gas over no energy!

Life changing!
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I have an almost 2 year old pomdash mix. I've spent hundreds of dollars on food and this is the ONLY one he absolutely loves & never gets tired of!

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I started this product two weeks ago - ordered 24 cans and every single one contained mold in them! Merrick is owned by Purina/Nestle now and their quality is very disappointing.
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6 days, 19 hours ago
Thank you for your recent review. What you are seeing is not mold and we would love to discuss further with you. Please reach out to us at

Stella Obviously loves it.
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Put my dog's food bag out for recycling. Heard her in the other room stuck in the bag licking the crumbs.

It's a keeper !
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We have two cockers that have been on a prescription diet for 12 years and decided to try Merrick after one had surgery and became finicky with his food.
He took to it right away and for the past two months seems to be doing extremely well. Both dogs appear to have more energy and their coats are thicker and softer than when on the prescription food. So far, we are extremely pleased and hope to continue.

5.0 of 5 stars
I started using this product after a competitor discontinued the food I was using. My 11 year old greyhound needs a smaller kibble because he has had to have some teeth removed. Since I switched, his fur has gotten shinier, he's not shedding as much as he was and his dander has disappeared. I love that there are vitamins added and you can pronounce all of the words in the ingredient list. Thank you for making this product!

Her favorite treat ever!
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I have most picky Chiweenie ever when it comes to eating anything. She loves the salmon treats and will do anything for them. I wish I could find a kibble that tastes just like this treat!

My Foster Cat "Cleaned the Bowl"
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I started buying Merrick's Cowboy Cookout for my foster dog 6 years ago. He loved it a lot. He might have loved it because of the gravy. Fast forward, to this past week, I bought the Cowboy Cookout for Cats for my foster cat who has been pretty finicky until he tried the Cowboy Cookout and lo & behold finished an entire can of it!

Good Food
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Great option for a break from chicken and turkey. Like it has pork fat, and it is very palatable.

BEST DOG FOOD! Saved my dogs life!
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I have a Labrador/ beagle mix dog. He is only 3 months old, but 2 weeks ago he wasn't really eating the dog food the breeder put him on. We brought him to Petco and had him walk around to see what he liked. He immediately ran towards the Merrick puppy food (Chicken and sweet pea) and ripped open the bag with one bite. He started eating right from the bag in the middle of the store for everyone to watch. He LOVES LOVES LOVES your food. I want to say thank you for saving my puppies life and having him eating again. We now buy ONLY Merrick kibble, wet food and treats. He goes crazy for it and we only trust your brand.

Thank you for everything, your brand is amazing!

Grea tfood for my 10 year old Australian Shepherd
5.0 of 5 stars
My dog Corky has always had a sensitive stomach so finding the right brand literally too many years and many expensive trips to the vet. I recently came across this brand as our other go to brand was discontinued. Added bonus is that her coat is much more vibrant and her joints seem less arthritic.

Great Food, Great Cause!
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I bought this a few months ago for my super picky 7 month old Pit bull puppy and she loves it! The only food where she will eat the whole bowl! We fed our previous dog all the Backwood flavors and he loved them! Thank you for a great food and supporting our Vets!

Happy with my switch!
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I switched my 5 year old Border Collie to this food two months ago. We compete in agility and he is a very active dog so I wanted something high in protein with a moderate amount of fat. Most importantly, I wanted something made with Whole Foods and get away from the chemicals and junk in big name dog foods. So far we really like this food. My dog enjoys it, he seems to have the perfect amount of energy but is able to settle down when needed, and his coat is soft, silky, and shinny. I love the high levels of glucosamine in the diet which is important for our agility training and every day running and jumping for balls. The one thing I have noticed is the kibble is softer than our old food and I have seen tartar accumulation on his teeth. Daily brushing has kept this under control and removed the small amount that built when I was only brushing twice per week. I am excited for my dog to enjoy this dog food long term.

I was looking for food that did not contain any potatoes or a combination of poultry or beef. Merrick had just the right recipe for my "Cricket". She is 13 years old and does great on is food. In fact, I am not sure if the dog food has anything to do with it but, she has a few fat pads that have actually decreased in size. Our Vet is very pleased with this. I am a keeper for her on this food.

Made my dogs sick
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After feeding a few cubes to introduce this product to my dogs, one of them came down with loose stools with blood the next day. Two others also got sick to a milder degree. This was the second time I attempted to introduce about five cubes in a meal. Although they enjoyed the flavor, both times, the dogs became ill to varying degrees. It was only until today when I had to take my dog to the vet due to the blood that I realized the trend. This was a very costly experience and I would not recommend this product.
Pet Parent Relations
2 weeks, 5 days ago
Thank you for your review. Please reach out to us at so we may get some further details from you.

Puppy Loves It!
5.0 of 5 stars
I've been buying Merrick for a couple years now and I won't switch to any other brand. Everyone comments on how shiny and soft my dog’s coats are and I always say it's the food. I love that I can pronounce all the ingredients and my dogs love the taste of it! It’s nothing fancy, just balanced, healthy, ingredients, and my dogs can’t get enough.

My French bulldog puppy loves Merrick
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I originally was feeding our french bulldog puppy Blue Buffalo because that's what the breeder was feeding him. But Goliath (our puppy) was very hesitant to eat most of the time. I did my research and saw mostly great reviews about Merrick so i went to my local Pet Co and purchased Merrick Hero's Banquet and Goliath had no hesitation to eat from the very first bowl. He loves the freeze dried pieces so I always make sure to add a few extra pieces to every meal. Thank you,Merrick