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Amazing treats!!
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Got these to try for the first time and my dog Oso simply can not get enough of them!!!! I highly reccomend them. He's such a picky brat it's hard to find treats that are healthy that he enjoys!!

Love it-No more dry flaky skin!
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Our golden retriever was put on vet recommended rx food for weight control. She was always scratching and had large dandruff flakes. We took her to the groomer and she said that was due to the food and we should try Merrick. So happy we did! Her coat is shiny, no more dandruff and her weight continues to be within normal range. She is almost 9 years old and she's doing very well on this food for the past 18 months.
We got a puppy last year and he's on Merrick too! Thank you for a great product

The only reason why I am giving this product 4 stars is because I just bought this product for the first time a few days ago because one of my cats was getting sick from their normal purina dry food. I asked the workers at the store which is the best dry food for cats, especially with sensitive stomachs. I was informed that cats do not digest grain well and this product is one of the best for cats, so I decided to give it a try. Since then, there has been no episodes of them getting sick and they both seem to love it. Although it may be more pricey than your normal dry food, this brand contains great nutritional value for cats. Even though it has only been about a week, I am grateful that I found out about this food. If all goes well in a few more days, this product should absolutely get 5 stars. I'm very happy to have found a great and nutritional product for my two cats!

Wonderful transformation on my cat
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I adopted a stray cat that had been hanging around my house December 2015. He was almost feral but had clearly been an indoor pet at some time in his life. After many months, he is now living indoors and is very happy. When I trapped him to take him to the vet, they noted he was older than I thought (about 8) and had fleas and lice! I thought he was just dirty. Well, flea meds took care of the fleas and lice, but I got him started on Merrick limited ingredient salmon and he loved it. He has gained only about 5 ounces, and I watch the portions sizes carefully, but he eats it all up. His coat is now a glossy black and he just looks so much better than when I first noticed him. He just radiates health! The vet is very happy with his new and improved appearance.

I'm Crazy For Cookout!
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Meoooow I love the juicy beef chunks coated in derisciois grawvy! Im not crazy just don't get between me and my bowl at supper time!!! Django

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I love this product, & better yet my dogs do! My 8 month old Catahoula has a very sensitive stomach & is extremely pick but he loves his Merrick treats!!! I would recommend this 1000000xs

Good brand but........
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I have a Shih Tzu who is 7months. After trying different brands I finally found Merrick which he really loves. He's loves the taste of Merrick can foods since has big chucks. I would give it a five star but I can't. The reason why is recently I purchased Smothered Comfort can. When I pour some out into his bowl I noticed was a big piece of chicken bone. He could of easily chocked on the bone if I didn't noticed. Please check for bones especially if you have a small breed dog.
Pet Parent Relations
1 week ago
Thank you for your review. Food safety is very important to Merrick, and we want to assure you that this recipe is safe for your dog to enjoy. The chicken bones you found in the can are there on purpose as this is one of our bone-in recipes. In fact, Smothered Comfort, Wingaling, and Gameday Tailgate products have been on the market since October 2005 and have become some of our top sellers. If you notice on the can, there is a note from the chef that states the purpose of the chicken bones: “Our slow cooked, whole chicken thighs/wings are marinated tender chicken cooked on a softened bone. This special cooking process makes the bone mushy and safe for your dog to enjoy. Feel free to serve whole, remove, or break apart the soft chicken bones for ease of pet consumption.” The bones also provide the full flavor your dog loves. The food is pressure cooked inside the can and this process is what softens the bones. For further assurance, please watch veterinarian Chris Smith in this video about our recipes with bones: . If you have any other questions or if you would like us to make recommendations for other recipes that do not contain bones, please don't hesitate to contact us! We can be reached at

My cat is obsessed
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We were feeding my cat a different kind of pet food at first and before we got through the first bag he was tired of it. I bought this brand and I can't even pour a few bits out before he gobbles it up. He LOVES the freeze dried pieces. When he sees me walking toward the laundry room he runs to his food bowl in excitement. I second the suggestion of selling the freeze dried bits separately. My cat can't get enough, they would be great treats.

Best puppy food!
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Our chocolate lab (Bear) is now 9 months old. When we first got him he was on a very popular brand of food that seems to be pushed by a lot of veterinarians. He would hardly eat any of his food and suffered from a lot of digestive issues. We decided to look for a better puppy food and decided on Merrick Back Country Raw Infused for puppies. It was the best decision we could have made. Bear ate his first bowl in minutes. He has no more digestive issues, has tons of energy and his coat looks super healthy and shiny.

My cats love this
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My cats love this food so much. They especially love the freeze dried pieces in them, those go really quickly because I can use them as treats. I trust the Merrick brand to be healthy for my girls as well. :)

My boy can't get enough!
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We wanted to switch our 11 week old blue nose pitbull to excellent food because they tend to have sensitive skin. After recommendations from other Merrick users we have it a try and WE ARE SO GLAD WE DID! He cries when it's meal time because he is so excited! He loves it! I can already see a change in his coat, and it's been 2 days.

My puppy just graduated from the Puppy Recipe. We selected this for her because she had allergies and our vet reccomended staying away from "warming agents" such as chicken, sweet potatoes,etc. We have noticed she has more gas and farts more (luckily it doesn't stink though). I have also noticed her stool is not as solid as it was with her Puppy Recipe. We will continue to be loyal Merrick customers but will have to try another recipe.

Amazingly awesome product
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I received a can of this food free when I bought a bag of dry food from my local Petco. My dogs normally don't eat wet food because my pointer cross has SO many allergies. I was at my wits end and thought to mix this with her food. To my surprise there was a real chicken thigh in there! At first I was alarmed that there was a bone in there, and tossed it the first time thinking that was not a good idea, but the 2nd can I realized that I could crush it with a spoon. Yah, all those people who complain about this bone being in there have nothing to worry about. It breaks with a SPOON. I've been feeding this (and other varieties) to my pointer for a month now and I have seen MAJOR improvement in her skin and coat! THANK YOU for creating a grain free food she can eat AND one that is helping her feel better.

Great Recipe but Quality Control is Hit or Miss
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Merrick Backcountry kibble has been the answers to our prayers. Our 1 1/2 year old, 2lb Teacup Yorkie is EXTREMELY picky, refusing to eat various option in both dry and wet food from many different brands. It got to the point that she only eat lean cut of meat from our local supermarket. At the same time, our 6 year, 55lb American Staffordshire developed a serious gluten allergy and had to be taken off her previous kibble brand. We tried different flavors but the Big Game recipe is the only one to work for our furbabies. Yes, it is a splurge, but the difference is their skin/coat condition as well as overall energy is noticeable. My only complaint: regardless of if you purchase the 4, 12 or 22lb bag, it seems that they are filled with kibble and then sprinkled on top with the raw bits. (We have noticed some bags have a noticeably less amount of raw bits.) So you have to try to REALLY mix up the bag well before serving. Our Am. Staff doesnt mind but our Yorkie loses interest as when get closer to the bottom of the bag and there arent any raw bits. For the price, I would expect better quality control, especially when marketing a supposed almost 40% protein content. Because of this, we face the difficult choice whether to spend MORE by purchasing the smaller bags or save a few pennies by purchasing the 22lb but accepting that there will be a smaller raw bit to kibble ratio.

5.0 of 5 stars
My cat has trimmed down and had no problem switching to this product. It also seems to satisfy his appetite.

Good Teeth Cleaner
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My vet suggested we try Moozles before making a cleaning appointment. She said they are "safer than the anesthesia required for a teeth cleaning and less expensive." We bought one for each dog. Just one of these worked beautifully. It removed the majority of build-up. They chewed on these all afternoon and into the next day. Better than bones, hide, ears and any chew with wheat, or gluten. Our dogs enjoyed them and we were pleased with the results. We recommend them and we will buy them for as long as they continue to keep their teeth clean.

Great food for allergy prone pets
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I bought merrick when I found it was in stores near me for my dogs one of which had food allergies and allergies to chicken needless to say I have no complaints and neither do my rescues and I just now received an English bulldog puppy who I switched to merrick from Iams which his breeder had him on he is so much happier with this and I'm proud to be feeding my pups a healthy well balanced vitamin filled diet and as most bully parents know they are prone to hip and joint problems and feeding merrick was a strong choice because they provide glucosamine and chondroitins which is what my growing pup needs!!!

my dog can't digest it
2.0 of 5 stars
My small dog cannot tolerate this food. I am resuming it is the beef, or the way it is prepared for canning. She gets violently ill, throwing up all she hasn't eaten and gets dehydrated quickly. 2 emergency visits to the vet and an expensive bill,---once she no longer eats this, she is fine.
She has tolerated the canned chicken before, but now I am nervous about giving her any of the Merrick canned food.
And now again today, she there it all up and out had gelatin like yuck with the chucks of beef.
She won't be getting Merrick anymore.
I can't recommend this beef canned food.

Buy another treat for your dog
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I thought it was a good idea to buy this for my dog and he liked it - but it gave him diarrhea, so I threw it out.

She ate it!!
5.0 of 5 stars
We have a VERY picky Yorkie who will not eat anything twice. She loves this!!